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  • Is ClearFit™ direct-to-consumer product?
    No. ClearFit prides ourselves in working with dentists and certified orthodontists in order to bring a new clear aligner solution to the market. ClearFit can not only compete with the pricing of direct-to-consumer aligners, but also the pricing of the current popular in-office aligners that other dentists use everyday.
  • How thick are the ClearFit aligners?
    Aligner - 0.75mm Retainer - 1.0mm Matrix tray - 0.5mm material (for cementing attachments)
  • Is a retainer included?
    Yes. A free retainer is included with every treatment option.
  • I am not an Orthodontist. Can I use ClearFit™?
    ClearFit™ Aligners are supported by certified orthodontists that review your case and treatment plan for you, eliminating the need for any special ortho training. There is no certification fee with ClearFit.
  • What are the different kinds of ClearFit clear aligners?
    We offer different aligners depending on the treatment necessary for your patient. 3x3 The canine to canine solution. 5x5 Pre-molar to premolar. 7x7 Molar to molar.
  • Can I upload my documents for my treatment plan on your website?
    Yes! Our website is HIPAA compliant, which allows you to not only upload your RX forms, but panos, videos, photos, and much more. The more information you give us - the better clinical outcome for your patient!
  • What scanners are compatible?
    We are compatible with any open scanner that creates .STL files - which you can upload directly to us!
  • Does ClearFit treat patients directly?
    No. We are not a direct-to-consumer clear aligner solution. In order to use ClearFit, we need a prescription that is prescribed by a licensed dentist.
  • How many trays for each case type?
    The trays will vary depending on each individual treatment plan. The average amount of trays for a moderate case would be 22 trays.
  • Do you supply lost or additional retainers?
    We will supply a new retainer. It takes 3 business days to fabricate and the price is $100 per set. If your patient wants to proactively order more than one set of retainers, we will provide additional sets at $100 per set.
  • What are the case submission requirements?
    Every Case Should have: •Photographs of the patient following our photograph guide. •Clear instructions on specific needs that your patient may have. •An impression or scan of the patient’s current alignment. •A panoramic for 7x7 cases.
  • Are there any contraindications for ClearFit use?
    ClearFit is not recommended for patients with: Active periodontal disease Arches with multiple missing teeth Centric-relation and centric-occlusion discrepancies Teeth with short clinical crowns Patients with severe bruxism Deciduous teeth, mixed dentition
  • Do you use FDA approved materials?
    A: Yes, all materials are FDA approved.
  • How long will it take to receive the aligners?
    Our turn-around time is 15 working days once the plan is approved.
  • How long will the patient have to wear each aligner?
    The length of treatment depends on multiple factors, like how complex your case is and how often your patient wears aligners. The average is two weeks per each pair of aligners, for 22 hours a day.
  • Can crowns and veneers be moved with aligners?
    Yes, but always include in the treatment plan if patient has existing or future crowns, veneers, bridges or implants.
  • Can I close a diastema larger than 6mm?
    No, aligners are designed to treat mild to moderate cases of malocclusions, crowded teeth, over or under bites and gaps less that 6mm.
  • The aligners are difficult to remove. What do you recommend?
    The use of an aligner removal tool will assist in the removal of difficult aligners. This will be included in your aligner packet.
  • How does submitting a case work?
    Create a ClearFit account by submitting an Rx Upload records, scans, photos Once the required documents are received, a ClearFit representative will call to discuss any questions you may have. You will receive an email notification to review and approve the case. Once approved, your patient is on the way to a brighter ClearFit smile!
  • How does the payment process work?
    The initial treatment plan fee of $199, (payable by credit card on the ClearFit Rx) begins your new case. Once ClearFit is approved by the dentist and our certified orthodontist, the remaining balance is then charged to the same credit card. Also, upon approval, the $199 treatment plan fee is applied to the total case fee.
  • Do you have a MSDS for ClearFit?
    Yes. Download here.
  • Does ClearFit offer a warranty?
    Yes. If the first aligner does not fit properly, simply notify us with 15 business days. We will do whatever it takes to make it right!
  • Is there a cost for refinements, if needed, for my treatment plan?"
    A refinement is a fancy way of saying a slight adjustment is needed during treatment based on the movement of teeth. Luckily, only 6% of alignment cases need refinement. To avoid these hiccups, extremely close monitoring of patients is necessary. We recommend monitoring software such as: dental monitoring or smilesnap.
  • How do I insert my ClearFit aligners?
    An insertion instruction sheet shows how to. Download here.
  • Are patient instructions included?
    Yes. We include a patient instruction sheet with each case. Download here.
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